When it is cold and damp outside we prefer to feel warm and dry. Padded jackets have proved to be ideal garments keeping us warm and dry without the weight of traditional
winter‑wear. The padding can be duck-down, feather or polyester.  Each filling material presents compromises; down and feather whilst natural and very bulky lose their effectiveness if they become wet. Polyester is bulky, washable and relatively inexpensive but can lead to sweating and then clamminess which in turn can lead to smell. Natural wool fillings would be the ideal compromise, in that they do not lose bulk when wet nor feel clammy in use.  Unfortunately, wool is relatively expensive in comparison with polyester and wool can shrink on washing.


The Technology

A new blend of wool and polyester fibres has been used to create the ideal filling for apparel and bedding products. A blend of merino wool with Dupont’s bio-based SoronaTM in two forms.  Fibre balls which are easy to insert, like down, into the garment during manufacture and also in the form of wadding which can be quilted. This blend of wool and SoronaTM imparts the  benefits of both fibres, especially washability and comfort in the form of drier and less clammy feeling during wear.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural benefits of wool, create warmth, dryness and odour management.
  • SoronaTM delivers washability 
  • Cost effective blends in both fibre balls and wadding.
  • Natural and bio-based materials for a lighter environmental footprint.