Wool Denim

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics in the world due to its value for money and relaxed aesthetic. This fabric is not without problems, it is cold to the touch in winter, feels uncomfortable when wet and is slow to dry.  Many of these issues can be overcome by the simple addition of merino wool.  This is not a new idea but has normally proved an expensive approach due to the high cost of special wool/cotton blend yarns.  A simpler approach is used in this innovation to yield great handle, and superior comfort.


The Technology

Typical denim fabrics are warp-faced 3/1 twills with the weft on the inside next to the skin.  If the weft yarns in a standard denim fabric are replaced with merino wool hosiery yarns then the skin of the wearer is mostly in contact with merino fibres.  The fabric can be finished and made up in the normal ways, even being given washed and bleached effects providing the wool yarns are machine washable.  

Features & Benefits

Fabrics can contain from 15 to 35% merino wool and confer measurable benefits to the wearer

Tests have shown the wearer will be 2 to 3 Celsius warmer next to the skin in cold damp climates

Further tests also show that the wearer will feel drier next to the skin in cold damp climates