UV Management

It is recommended by medical professionals to limit exposure to UV radiation. Wool is naturally UV-absorbing but as with all textiles its efficacy is dependent on fabric density and deep colour. Where additional UV absorption required a special finish can be applied to create garments with UV management performance.


The Technology

A UV absorbing finish is applied to the wool product during dyeing or bleaching at either yarn stage, fabric stage or during knitted garment finishing. The finish can also be applied after fabric-dyeing either by exhaustion or by padding. After treatment, the finish is fixed by drying at the highest temperature that is consistent with the colour and handle of the fabric. 

Features & Benefits

  • No impact on fabric handle
  • Can increase the Sun Protection factor by up to 20UPF units
  • Durable to dry cleaning and machine washing
  • Prevents yellowing due to UV light
  • Reduces fibre degradation associated with UV exposure.
  • Maintains handle and moisture management properties of the merino fibre.