Total easy Care

Total Easy Care (TEC) apparel is designed for today’s busy lifestyle. Total Easy Care  garments are machine washable and suitable for tumble drying. Even after frequent laundering they retain an ‘as new’ appearance because they don't shrink; lose their shape; fade or colour-bleed.   They remain soft and comfortable
for the life of the garment.  This innovation is mostly associated with knitwear although some retailers do offer TEC woven pure wool trousers


The Technology

For fine gauge knitted garments, which are generally made from worsted-spun yarns, the Total Easy Care treatment is often applied at the top stage prior to the spinning process. Most wool yarn spinners offer Total Easy Care wool yarns in 100% wool or blended with other fibres. The process for worsted tops consists of an oxidative pre-treatment followed by application of a special polymer which swells during washing and masks the scale edges responsible for felting.  For woollen-spun products such as lambswool sweaters, although some spinners do offer woollen spun yarns made from Total Easy care treated fibre, the Total Easy Care treatment is normally applied to the knitted garment during the final wet-finishing process.  The process consists of an oxidative pretreatment followed by the application of a special polymer to mask the scale on the fibre surface and bond fibres together to prevent felting.  For woven garments, it is normal to treat the fabric, before making up, with a special polyurethane binder that glues fibres together and prevents them from felting. Total Easy Care technology is available worldwide. For more information on the various processes click here

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent treatment withstands multiple machine-washes.
  • Specified products can be tumble dried
  • Garment retains shape and ‘as new’ appearance
  • No colour change or colour bleeding during washing
  • Comfortable and luxurious handle