If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. -Albert Einstein

Wool has been a textile fibre for thousands of years and it is tempting to think that there is not much else one can do with wool that has not been done already. However, during those centuries wool has been used in new ways to ensure its relevance for the consumers through the ages. Consumer needs and trends drive the innovation cycle and as those needs change so too must the wool product if it is to remain relevant.

Consumer trends ebb and flow but some core trends cannot be ignored;

1. Luxury for less,

2. Performance in wear and care, and

3. Casual dressing.

Wool naturally works well in all three trends but where necessary wool products can be enhanced to yield that extra value that makes the consumer say "Yes, I'll have that!" Over the last 40 years whilst working with the IWS and The Woolmark Company I have been involved in many new product and process developments which 'do something different'.  I am happy to discuss with you how these innovations might be introduced to your ranges.

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