Shower Suit

Most suits and trousers are dry-cleaned simply to refresh rather than to remove ingrained dirt and stains. This takes time, money and impacts less on the environment. The shower suit system was developed as a means of simply showering a suit to remove dust and smells accumulated after a hard day in the city.


The Technology

Originally developed in Japan the Shower Suit is made from normal or 'high twist' wool fabric that has been treated with a low level of polyurethane polymer to enhance smooth drying. The suit is constructed from water repellent chest interfacing and shoulder pads and washable trims e.g. pockets that drain water easily. The creases and seams are stabilised with a special TYCS setting agent. By using wool-rich fabrics most stains can be easily removed during showering with warm water - more persistent stains might need professional cleaning

Features & Benefits

  • Easily refreshed wovens without cleaning and pressing
  • No loss of proper creases during rain showers
  • Overnight cleaning with no ironing
  • Water-based stain removal, oil-based stains will need traditional cleaning
  • Wrinkles and unwanted creases removed during showering