Real Black

For some ceremonial occasions, only the blackest of black fabrics are suitable for the highest quality wool suits and dresses. Whilst wool can deliver deep shades there is often a need to enhance the depth, and simply adding more dye is not always a viable option. This innovation delivers very deep colours for the most demanding occasions.


The Technology

The normal approach is to apply the maximum amount of dyestuff to the fibre or reduce the reflection of white light from the fibre surface. This new innovation combines both approaches by using Kroy-Deepin technology to prepare the fibre surface and enable it to attract more reactive dyestuff into the fibre. Secondly, a special low refractive index polymer containing randomly sized particles is applied after dyeing, which reduces the level of diffuse reflection from the surface. By using this approach it is possible to obtain deep blacks and navy shades without using the large amounts of chrome dyes that are traditionally used.

Features & Benefits

  • Normal fabric Luminance L = 15, Super Black L= 10
  • A more intense black or navy for a given level of reactive dyestuff
  • Less fibre damage
  • Antistatic properties are enhanced leading to less¬†attraction for dust and fluff
  • The special polymer imparts a degree of water repellency as well as improving colour fastness to dry rubbing.