Merino wool, by nature, dries faster than cotton. This can mean less time in the tumble dryer and importantly, can save energy. Quick-Dry technology cuts drying time even further – potentially by up to one-third – perfect for people on the go.  This innovation is also applicable to outwear garments which can benefit from additional rain resistance.


The Technology

Quick Dry is a stain or water-repellent finish normally applied to knitted garments or fabrics during the final wet-finishing stage.  For knitwear, such as socks and cardigans, the Quick Dry finish is applied via an exhaust method, either in a rotary-drum washer or side-paddle machine.  For woven or circular knitted fabrics, the finish can be applied by padding or exhaustion.  The key to success is the efficient fixing of the finish onto the fibre.  This is achieved by ensuring a clean fibre surface before treatment and sufficient heat during polymer curing.

Features & Benefits

  • Treated garments dry faster
  • Energy-saving – less tumble drying required
  • Inherently stain resistant – reduces the need for frequent laundering
  • Cleans effectively in domestic washing machines.