Course Content

This course is based on the Woolmark Company's Wool Appreciation Essentials course where trainees learn about where wool comes from, how it is converted from sheep wool to garment, its properties and benefits in more detail. They also learn about the environmental aspects of wool, the Woolmark and how to deal with consumer complaints associated with wool products. The course can presented in 3 to 6 hours and the material is a mix of powerpoint presentation, videos and workshops.

Who will benefit?

This course is aimed at buyers, designers, merchandisers and quality assurance staff working for major brands and retailers. These staff already has some knowledge of textiles but not enough about wool to make them confident in specifying the fibre in their product ranges. This course can also be given to staff in manufacturing who need a more general understanding of why their products are so special. The course is suitable for groups between 6 and 20 in size.


Delegates leave with more confidence to make more informed decisions about wool when dealing with suppliers and also with their own colleagues within the company. They also have a deeper understanding of why wool products are more expensive than those made from other fibres and are now armed with useful information to help them market the wool products to their customers.