Advanced Training

Course Content

Given that most university textile courses feature few in-depth lectures on wool the Woolmark Company has designed a series of university level courses which comprise a mix of lectures, tutorials, workshops and examinations to enhance the scope of textile courses. The various modules would take 6 to 10 weeks to complete. Kettlewell Consulting is qualified to present several of these courses including: Dyeing and finishing of wool garments and fabric, Testing methods for wool, The chemistry and physics of wool.

Who will benefit?

The courses are designed to be presented by experts in their fields to university degree level students but would also benefit supervisors and managers within manufacturing who are keen to enhance their knowledge of wool. The courses can be presented to groups ranging from 10 to 100 depending on the availability of tutorial resources.


Student will leave these courses with a much better understanding of why wool behaves in the way it does and how that behavior is mitigated, or taken advantage of, during manufacturing. Also students will obtain credits towards their undergraduate degree.