Kettlewellconsulting.com is the place to get support when working with wool.

roy-bio-picKettlewell Consulting is an independent consultancy run by its founder Dr Roy Kettlewell who, with more than 40 years experience in the technology of wool, has specialised in chemical finishing and developed innovative technologies and processes for the wool fibre.  Over the last four decades he has worked with entire wool processing pipeline from the raw fibre to garment making; in Europe, USA, China, India to implement the new technologies and deliver a point of difference for the industry. At the same time he has collaborated with global retailers such as M&S, Levis, LL Bean, La Redoute, Levi Strauss, Lacoste, Hugo Boss etc to help, through training key staff, to communicate the benefits of merino wool innovations to the consumer.

Kettlewellconsulting .com for specialist services in wool. Find out more about the specialist services here or, you can get in touch here